October 23, 2020

MP Urges President Barrow To Practice What He Preaches

Nominated Member, Honourable Ya Kumba Jaiteh, has urged President Adama Barrow to limit his own term as stated in the Draft Constitution before he could preach to future Presidents.

“This is a President that came into being as a transition President for 3 years. He is now serving 5 years and it is this President that initiated the Draft Constitution…he is looking to limit the terms of the future Presidents to 2 terms but he doesn’t want to limit his own terms and they said it is discriminatory to him. Is it not discriminating to other future Presidents?,” said Hon Ya Kumba Jaiteh, Nominated Member of The National Assembly.

Honourable Jaiteh who is one of the youngest and legally minded NAMs in the country, has made these interventions during the ongoing debate on the Draft Constitution at the National Assembly on Monday. She argued that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land that cannot be retroactive as alleged by Hon Saikou Marong, the NAM for Latrikunda Constituency.

“If one is preaching something you ought to be the first to practice it. If this is the President that initiated the new Constitution and wants to limit the terms of future Presidents to 2 years, he should be the first one to set an example in the entire nation and entire Africa because this is the debate going on the African Continent,” the Nominated Member states.

In her efforts to persuade the President to support the Draft Constitution, as a matter of principle and integrity, she stated that would be one of his greatest legacies which she encouraged the President to do.

“I encourage him to end this thing by making a statement to support his own constitution and this debate will end,” she remarked.

The Honourable Member called on Lawmakers to support the Draft Constitution failure of which would mean the country would not have a transition and there would not be a Third Republic. She added that the whole idea of a transition government would be baseless.

“There is a stigma attached to the 1997 Constitution. We are not saying is totally a bad constitution but there is a mark of shame attached to it because of the various amendments it went through,” she pointed out.

She adduced that Coalition 2016 Agenda that brought President Barrow to power was to change the Constitution and usher a Third Republic. She encourage the National Assembly Members to give chance to the Draft Constitution and allow Gambian people to have a say how they want to be govern.

“I am wholeheartedly supporting the Draft Constitution apart from the little things that can be fine tune during consideration stage,” she remarks.

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