January 21, 2021

BREAKING: National Assembly Rejects The Draft Constitution

The National Assembly of The Gambia has on Tuesday, rejected the 2020 Draft Constitution after two days of intensive debate at the Legislative Chambers in Banjul.

The Bill was supposed have an absolute majority of 42 votes out of 57 National Assembly Members to  reach to a Third Reading for the Independent Electoral Commission IEC to call for a Referendum.

The rejection of the Bill has denied the Gambian people the opportunity to express their wishes and aspirations. It means the country would continued to be rule by the 1997 Constitution that was bastardised by the former regime to entertain the whims and caprice of the Executive.

Over D116 Million Dalasi was spent in the drafting of the 2020 Draft Constitution including consultations with Gambians home and abroad.

Below is the list of members that voted in Favour or Against the 2020 Draft Constitution:

The Following Members Voted Against The Draft Constitution

1. Hon. Samba Jallow NRP

2. Hon. Alhagie Mbow NRP

3. Hon. Amadou Camara NRP

4. Hon. Ousman Touray NRP

5. Hon. Sainey Jawara NRP

6. Hon. Kebba Jallow GDC

7. Hon. Salifu Jawo GDC

8. Hon. Muhammed Ndow PPP

9. Hon. Sunkary Badjie APRC

10. Hon. Kaddy Camara APRC

11. Hon. Momodou Camara APRC

12. Hon. Alhaji Sankung Jammeh APRC

13. Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi APRC

14. Hon. Majanko Samusa Nominated

15. Hon. Muhamed Magassy Independent

16. Hon. Abdoulie Ceesay Independent

17. Hon. Baba Galleh Jallow Independent

18. Hon. Billay G. Tunkara Independent

19. Hon. Omar Darboe Independent

20. Hon. Fatou K. Jawara Independent

21. Hon. Saikou Marong Independent

22. Hon. Saikouba Jarju Independent

23. Hon. Alagie Jawara Independent

The Members That Voted For The 2020 Draft Constitution 

1. Hon. Kebba K. Barrow UDP

2. Hon. Alfusainey Ceesay UDP

3. Hon. Madi Ceesay UDP

4. Hon. Sainey Touray UDP

5. Hon. Dawda Kawsu Jawara UDP

6. Hon. Ya Kumba Jaiteh Nominated

7. Hon. Omar Ceesay GDC

8. Hon. Momodou S Ceesay UDP

9. Hon. Alhagie S. Darbo UDP

10. Hon. Fakebba NL Colley UDP

11. Hon. Bakary Camara UDP

12. Hon. Lamin FM Conta

13. Hon. Sulayman Saho UDP

14. Hon. Assan Touray UDP

15. Hon. Yaya Gassama UDP

16. Hon. Kajali Fofana UDP

17. Hon. Lamin J. Sanneh UDP

18. Hon. Alhagi SB. Sillah UDP

19. Hon. Alhagie Darboe UDP

20. Hon. Dembo KM Camara UDP

21. Hon. Bakary Njie UDP

22. Hon. Matarr Jeng UDP

23. Hon. Muhammed Mahanera UDP

24. Hon. Foday NM. Drammeh UDP

25. Hon. Alhagie Drammeh UDP

26. Hon. Halifa Sallah PDOIS

27. Hon. Ousman Sillah PDOIS

29. Hon. Suwaibou Touray PDOIS

30. Hon. Ndey Yassin Secka Nominated

31. Alhagie Sowe GDC


1. Hon. Fatoumatta Njie PPP (Not in the country)

2. Hon. Sidia Jatta PDOIS (absent from chamber during voting and wasn’t allowed to upon his return)


1. Hon. Demba Sowe GDC


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