October 23, 2020

“Gov’t Will Against The Draft Constitution”- Says Minority Leader

Minority Leader and National Assembly Member for Dankunku, Honourable Samba Jallow, has told the National Assembly that the Government of The Gambia would go against the new Draft Constitution.

The Honourable Member who was speaking on the merits and principles of the new draft constitution on Tuesday, submitted that the Draft is full of defective issues that needs to be addressed before it could be legislated He added that the 2020 Draft Constitution had already failed at the drafting stage when members of the Muslim and Christian communities had rejected it.

“It is going to be another wastage of resources because it is going to be rejected at the referendum. The Government will against it but others would advocate…” the Minority Leader stated.

He added: “The public opinion is against it.”

Honourable Jallow also squashed the interventions of some members who had suggested the legislation of the draft constitution and do the amendments later.

“This is not the way how we work as legislators when something is not right then we have to stop it,” he asserted.

The NRP Parliamentarian has also asked the Constitutional Review Commission CRC to provide the statistic and survey of the Draft Constitution to the public domain.

“We want to know whether it captured the will of the people,” he posited.

The Minority Leader also complained about the text of the new draft constitution said it is so explicit.

“The language is more grammatical than legal compare to the 1997 Constitution,” said the Dankunku NAM.

However, the Majority Leader and Member for Kombo South, Honourable Kebba K Barrow, has expressed disappointment at the statement that the Government of The Gambia would against the Draft Constitution.

“That is going to be catastrophic,” the Majority Leader stated.

The Kombo South NAM quizzed the integrity of the Government for rejecting the Draft Constitution after it had instituted the Constitutional Review Commission CRC with the amount of resources and time spent on it.

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