July 31, 2021

“We Are Not Fake”- PDOIS Executive Tells Militants

Mr Adama Bah, a Executive Member of Peoples’ Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism PDOIS, has on Sunday told party militants to stand by their principles as the party is not fake.

The veteran politician has made these comments at the training of party militants on the policies and programmes of the party. The initiation  which is probably the first of its kind in the country was highly commended by many Gambians home and abroad on the social media platforms.

Speaking at the training programme, the founding member of PDOIS reiterated the principles of the party: ‘Liberty, Dignity and Prosperity’.

“Dignity is so important that it cannot be outsource, it is something that you cannot tell someone to act on your behalf. You have to do it on your own behalf as no one would be accounted for your deeds,” Adama Bah stated.

Bah claimed the party has an ultimate objective of taking The Gambia out of poverty. He said the party has produced one of the most credible and consistent leadership in the country since the  formation of the party in 1986.

“We must stand by our principles…we are not fake,” he remarked.

He also highlighted the sacrifice of the party leadership that is committed to the political consciousness and economic  independence of The Gambia.  He also tasked the young people to prove their commitment to the policies and programmes of the party.

The PDOIS executive further highlighted the country’s lack of political leadership to manage the affairs of the state since the first republic. He lamented over the dependency on foreign loans, importation of basic commodities and widespread of corruption amongst others. He also emphasised the need to subsidise the farmers to end their poverty.

“This flag can tell you a lot about what PDOIS wants to do. What PDOIS wants to do is what we produce in this country whether we have the light industry or other things…to actually produce from the industries and we use the energy of the sun,” he asserted.

Bah also disclosed the party has plans to use the sun to harness the necessary energy to supply the local industries.

“We need to use the sun to harness the necessary energy that we need to develop the industries, use agriculture and what you get from agriculture, you link it to the industries so that you produce the food that we need in this country, if we do that we will import less, and if we import less that money stays here and we can use it to develop our farmers,” he told participants.

Mr Bah further explained the need for social democracy that still lacks in the country and calls for the ‘people’s democracy’ to empower the citizens of the sovereign republic.

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