December 5, 2020

“Leadership is not a popularity contest”-Says Mai Fatty

The Secretary General and Party Leader of The Gambia Moral Congress GMC, Mai Ahmad Fatty, has said that leadership is not a popularity contest.

Fatty who was the Gambia’s former Interior Minister argues that leadership is the ability to inspire the greater good  that translates vision into reality.

“Leadership is not a popularity contest,” Mai Fatty stated.

The GMC leader said leadership is about positively impacting lives with compassion and empathy; priorities, making difficult decisions for the greater good of all, even if the decision taken was very unpopular. He added that it is about sacrifice, service, honesty and commitment to public welfare and more.

“Leadership is not perfection but the readiness to acknowledge error and make amends is sublime. Yet when your conviction is borne out of your clear moral conscience, stick to your guns,” he remarked.

“When you become a leader, there is no looking back. Back- breaking challengers will come your way; false, invective scandals would be levelled against you; enmity, envy and hatred will hound you; alot of fake company and pretense will trail you; women, financial and other temptations will be flaunted at you to bring you down; disappointment, betrayal and machinations will be your permanent acquaintances, etc. True leadership is often a lonely life in the midst of a crowd. As a leader, I made mistakes and learned from them. We all do make mistakes sometimes. Mistakes can be great teachers for the wise. You need Allah and good people around you to stay focused on the vision, guidance and protection.”

Meanwhile, the GMC leader seeks prayers to be the kind of God-fearing, morally consciousness, selfless and incorruptible leader that peoples dream of, and to prevent treacherous entourage and illicit influences around him.

“Honest leadership is not an easy task,” he concludes.

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