December 5, 2020

Niamina West By-election Is High Stake For President Barrow’s NPP

The National Assembly by-election currently taking place in Niamina West on Saturday, shows growing voter turnout that could reach the highest level in decades.

The stake in this by-election is high as President Barrow’s Newly formed NPP is testing its weight for the first time with GDC whose member, the late Honourable Demba Sowe was the sitting National Assembly Member for Niamina West until his untimely demise earlier this year.

Neither of the two parties is taking this election lightly nor prepared for a defeat because it is a popularity contest between them for the next coming national elections in 2021. The national leadership of both parties and state ministers have stormed the campaign trail of Niamina West By-election for the past two weeks.

According to reports, there are nine polling stations within the Niamina West Constituency in the Central River Region. The Constituency has 4, 375 registered voters.

Speaking to reporters shortly after casting his vote on Saturday, the NPP Candidate Birom Sowe, said he would win the elections.

“I will win the election because the people of Niamina West are tired of following the opposition without any development. The people want development and that’s why they have turn their face to the government,” Birom Sowe stated.

On the other hand the GDC candidate Yerro Jallow, also sounded optimistic about winning the elections.

“I am 100 percent sure that we will win the election and the victory will be mine,” Yero told reporters.

However, the GDC candidate has accused the NPP’s Seedy Njie and Dou Sanno of inciting violence against his supporters. He added that the two senior members of NPP were behind the attacked.

Jallow further expressed his disappointment with the country’s electoral body after they allegedly allowed the NPP to continue with their campaign until late last night which he claimed was a clear violation of IEC campaign laws.

The NPP National Campaign Manager, Lamin Cham who is a close aide to President Adama Barrow has refuted the allegations. He also claimed that the attacked came from the GDC camp.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission IEC would later today, announce the final election results at Janjangbureh, the Administrative Headquarters of Central River Region.

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