July 31, 2021

“NPP’s Victory Is A Signal To All Gambians”- Says Dou Sanno

The Deputy Presidential Adviser, Dou Sanno who doubles as national executive member of NPP has said the party’s victory at the recent by-elections held at Niamina West and Kerr Jarga is a signal to all Gambians that President Barrow would sweep the polls come 2021 Elections.

Sanno, a defiant supporter of President Barrow said as a new political party, they have shown to Gambians that they would do the same in other parts of the country in the upcoming national elections.

“This victory is sending signal to the whole country for the elections ahead. It is a signal to all Gambians to get ready,” said Dou Sanno, the deputy presidential adviser.

The Deputy Presidential Adviser has vehemently refuted claims that NPP has no support base, noting that the party has won its first ever election contest against a coalition of two major opposition parties, namely GDC and UDP who were defeated in the Niamina West and Kerr Jarga by-elections respectively.

“This is a signal to GDC and UDP supporters in the country to save themselves from 22 years of humiliation. But, if they still want to continue with the same humiliation, then myself, Lamin Cham and President Barrow would not want to be humiliated anymore,” he asserted.

Dou went further to called on the UDP and GDC supporters to switch allegiance to President Barrow’s NPP to end the pain of humiliation that they suffered from the former regime for decades.

“Finally, I have forgiven those who were insulting my parents. What is important to me is victory and I have achieved that…let us stop the petty talks and join hands to develop the country,” he concludes.

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