December 5, 2020

A Business Man Wrongfully Detained For 4 Years Now Struggles To Feed Family

Mumine Baldeh, a Senegalese  businessman who was wrongfully detained by the defunct National Intelligence Agency NIA officials in 2007 for 4 years, without evidence has claimed bankruptcy after his incarceration.

Baldeh who was trading edible goods including palm oil had spent 4 years in detention after being falsely accused of terrorism at the Banjul High Court is now struggling to feed his family who solely depend on him for their livelihood. He was acquitted and discharged in 2011, but found his business destroyed with his savings spent on family in his absence while Musa Kinteh, an NIA Agent collected D70, 000 Dalasi from his wife with false promises of releasing him.

Testifying before the Truth Commission on Tuesday, Baldeh explained how he was arrested in 2007 by NIA Agent Musa Kinteh and three other operatives who detained him at Kotu Police Station under the command of Edrisa Jobe alias Alagie Morr for two days and later taken to the NIA Headquarters in Banjul.

“I was taken before a seven panel members headed by Alagie Morr who asked whether I know Assan Bah but i told them that I did not know him. He said if I did not tell the truth they will deal with me,” Mumine Baldeh stated.

He mentioned the names of the panel members Edrisa Jobe alias Alagie Morr, CID officer Lamin Sanyang, a soldier Buba Badjie, Lamin Darboe, Samba Gajaga and Musa Kinteh among others.

“Alagie Morr hit me several times on my face and fell down. Then Samba Gajaga also got up and hit me twice,” he told the Commission.

The witness whose identity was protected disclosed that Alagie Morr had ordered him to stripped his clothes and asked Lamin Darboe to place basalt stones on the tile floor.

“I was ordered to knell on the basalt stones with my bare skin and Lamin Darboe hit me with a wire on my head from behind,” he asserted.

The witness said he was asked whether he know one Lamin Jammeh which he answered in the affirmative. Lamin Jammeh alias Assan Bah was a wood seller at Bundung had guaranteed his wife to borrow a barrel of palm oil from him.

According to him, Lamin Jammeh had told the agents at NIA Headquarters that he did not know his ‘Assan Bah’ name but only knew him as Lamin Jammeh. He spent two years at NIA Headquarters before transferred to the Mile 2 Central Prison.

Meanwhile, the witness claimed to have spent extra 2 years at Mile 2 Central Prison before he was eventually released by the court.

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