July 31, 2021

Gambia Navy Arrested Five Foreign Vessels, Other At Sea

The Gambia Navy has arrested four chinese fishing vessels together with a Senegalese and Gambian vessel for illegal fishing on the Gambia waters.

“Six fishing vessels were arrested during the period under review. One Gambian owned one Senegalese, and four Chinese vessels. They are all currently berthed at the fisheries jetty, under armed guards. The Gambia Navy will continue to collaborate with relevant agencies in a bid to protect the country’s territorial waters as mandated by the constitution,” said the Navy officials.

The Navy operations at sea are a continuous process regarding Coastal Surveillance and Fisheries Protection Zone. Since the Government of The Gambia issuance of COVID-19 regulations which includes the closure of the country’s borders, both sea, air and land in a bid to curtail the spread of the viral disease, the Gambia Navy intensified patrols and surveillance along the country’s water ways.

“As such the Gambia Navy from the month of October to November 2020 has made significant gains against illegal fishing as six major arrests have been executed during different patrols within the country’s waters,” the Navy stated.

“The Navy on two separate incidents, on the 6th and 29th October 2020, carried out arrests on two different vessels for fishing in a prohibited zone. The vessels were SUPER FLY 1 and BETTY (DAK 709).
In a similar activity on November 4th 2020, the Gambia Navy in collaboration with the Fisheries Department and Sea Shepherd conducted Joint Coastal Surveillance and Fisheries protection during which four arrests were executed for fishing in prohibited zone. The vessels were three Chinese fishing vessels, marked: F/V GORDE 105, F/V GORDE 106, and F/V GORDE 107. On 07 November 2020, the boarding team on board the Sea Shepherd arrested F/V FINSI WANG for being in possession of wrong fishing gear.”


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