March 6, 2021

“Junglers Forced Confession Out Of Me”–says Major Camara

Former Military Police Commander of The Gambia Armed Forces GAF, Major Wassa Camara who was involved in 2006 Abortive coup, said the former President Yahya Jammeh’s killer squad ‘junglers’ had forced confession out of him at NIA Headquarters in Banjul.

“The junglers had forced confession out of me…I was tortured mercilessly to confessed that I was part of the abortive coup,” former Military Police Commander said.

The ‘junglers’ is a special squad of the Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh that were accused of committing heinous crimes including extra judicial killings.

Major Camara after appearing before the Truth Commission on Tuesday, claimed he was beaten mercilessly to the extent that he could not scream.

“There was blood coming from my whole body and I was taken back to Mile 2 Central Prison without medical treatment,” Major Wassa Camara stated.

They allegedly locked him in a dark cell at Maximum Security Wing of the notorious Mile 2 Central Prison where he spent ninety days incommunicado, sleeping on a concrete floor.

“These people would do everything possible to extract confession out of you,” he said.

The former Military Police Commander explained his involvement in the alleged abortive coup after the former Chief of Defence Staff CDS Colonel Ndure Cham now late invited him to join the coup. He was convinced that the prevailing circumstances in the country at the time were abusive to the principles of governance, rule of law and promotes tribalism.

“Colonel Ndure Cham told me that he had the suppprt from the army, cabinet members, Gambians with international appointment and the international community,” he told the Commission.

Major Camara told the Truth Commission the late Ndure Cham informed him that Lang Tombong Tamba and Peter Singhateh had fell out of the planned coup because they wanted military led transition.

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