December 5, 2020

Gambia’s Only Fibre Glass Company Seeks Investment

Fibre Glass and General Enterprise, the only fibre glass company in The Gambia is looking for investors to expand its work in the country.

The company, established in the 1980s, is seeking financial support from the Government to facilitate the importation of fibre materials into The Gambia. Potential investors are invited to expand the business market.

The Gambian owned fibre glass company located in Brikama, constructs boats for river transport and deep sea fishing, corrugate sheets, toilet-seats, chairs etc. It also build bumpers for vehicles amongst other things.

Fibre Glass and General Enterprise Deputy Manager, Abdoulie Jawneh told The Watch Gambia that it hopes to get other investors involved such as public and private sectors to expand the business and create job opportunity for the young people.

“We need financial support from the government with an opportunity to travel to Europe to get the materials for ourselves, instead of secondary sources,” Abdoulie Jawneh stated.

According to him, the company prefers to buy materials from senegal that sells far cheaper than a Lebanese store, name withheld in The Gambia, despite transport and custom duties. He added that the price of a drum in The Gambia costs D93, 000 compare to D36, 000 in Senegal.

“What we spend on transport to buy drum, glassmat, jellycoat, wax and accelerator cost less than D93, 000,” he said.

Currently, only a few percent of the Gambian population know the importance of fibre glass work, which is said to be environmental friendly than wood and plastic materials. He said the fibre work prevents the cutting of trees to save the environment from climate change problems.

“The Government should promote the fibre glass work in the fishing sector because it is cheaper and guarantee than wood,” Deputy Manager Jawneh asserted.

He added: “Whatever the Europeans are doing with fibre glass, we can do it better. We have the knowledge and skill to do the job.”

The company wrote several proposals to the Government through the Ministries of Fisheries, Tourism, Finance and also National Environment Agency but there is no respond from any of these institutions. It had also called on the National Assembly for support but the situation still remained the same.

Jawneh decried the lack of contracts since 2017 to date almost 4 years, they have only one fishing boat contract.

“The young people need to be empowered to develop the country,” he remarked.

There are dozens of young Gambians who are working in the company that need to be supported.

You can reach the company on the following contacts:

Fibreglass and General Enterprise Contact:+2207875955/+2203513554/  +2209032486

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