October 23, 2021

“TRRC Will Not Dance To The Tune Of Anyone”—Says Lead Counsel Faal

The Lead Counsel of The Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission TRRC, Essa M Faal, vows to investigate the alleged human rights violations committed under the Jammeh regime without boggling to pressure.

Reacting to the newspaper publication of the victims’ families of about 44 Ghanaians massacred in the Gambia in 2005 on Wednesday, Lead Counsel Faal argued that some of the claims are unfounded.

“Some of the claims are simply unfounded,” Lead Counsel Faal told journalists.

The Gambian born international lawyer reiterated the position of the Truth Commission in the investigation of atrocities committed under the former Yahya Jammeh regime, noting that the Commission took the massacre of 56 West African nationals very seriously. He added that the killing of a single life is important to them not to mention the massacre of 56 lives. He vowed to investigate the alleged killings as opportunity would be given to the everyone to explain their own victimisation.

The season lawyer has clearly stated that equal opportunity would be accorded to all witnesses regardless of being Gambians or non-Gambians but the Commission cannot be boggle to pressure.

“The TRRC will not dance to the tune of anyone. We will not be directed by anybody on what to do or how to do our work,” said Essa M Faal, the Lead Counsel of TRRC.

“We will not succuum to any pressure,” he said.

The Gambian international lawyer told journalist that the Truth Commission has been working with “Jammeh to Justice” to bring the former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh and his accomplices to justice.

“The suggestion that the Gambian witnesses are given priority over non-Gambians is simply unfounded,” he remarked.

According to him, the non-Gambians are given more priority in this particular case than a Gambian who was killed together with the other West African migrants by the former President. He disclosed that the Commission would look into the case in December but did not give a precise date.

“The necessary invitation will be send to the witnesses in Ghana,” he asserted.

Subpoena of Yankuba Sonko and Essa Badjie “Jesus”

The Lead Counsel has explained the subpoena powers of the Commission which has not been used because many of the witnesses would come on their own.

“Gambian witnesses have been very cooperative with TRRC,” he said.

He concluded that the Commission would call any witness who they feel has evidences to provide to the Commission whether it is Yankuba Sonko or Essa Badjie or any person.

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