October 23, 2021

TRRC’s Lead Counsel Says Release Of Perpetrators Could Be Insensitive

The top lawyer of The Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission TRRC, Essa M Faal, has said the decision of The Gambia Government to release some perpetrators could be insensitive to the victims.

“One may feel it is insensitive to allow perpetrators to walk free and interact with their victims,” Lead Counsel Faal stated.

The TRRC Lead Counsel has made these assertions at a press conference on Wednesday, while reacting to the newspaper publication of the victims’ families of about 44 Ghanaians massacred in the Gambia in 2005 who expressed dissatisfaction to the temporal release of perpetrators that killed their love ones.

Faal said the decision of temporally freeing the alleged killers “Junglers” comes from the government and not the Truth Commission.

“The TRRC is pre-occupy in stitching evidences of the violation of human rights under the 22 years of Jammeh era,” he said.

Faal also raised concerns about the willingness of witnesses to testify, if they are being arrested before the end of the investigations, adding that the work of the Commission would be difficult.

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