October 23, 2021

“Land Is A Problem In This Country”–Says Foni MP

The National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala and APRC Spokesman, Honourable Musa Amul Nyassi has decried the lack of adequate fund for the Lands Commission to resolve the land problems in the country.

“Land issue is a problem in this country. We have heard series of problems that land has created,” said Honourable Musa Amul Nyassi, the NAM for Foni Kansala.

Honourable Nyassi, a Lands Minister in the former regime applauded the current government for the establishment of a Lands Commission but was quick to expressed his disappointment at the government’s failure to empower the work of the Commission.

“The Lands Commission is established but it is undersource. It is unable to operate. They need to be facilitated to do their work,” Hon Amul Nyassi said.

The Foni Kansala NAM has made these interventions during the debate on the Draft Budget 2021 at the National Assembly on Wednesday. He outlined the operational failure of the Commission to execute its mandate due to inadequate resources.

“It is better to stay where we were than taking one step forward and two steps backward,” he said.

Hon Nyassi who doubles as the Chairperson of the National Assembly Select Committee of Lands and Regional Governance, told deputies the engagements they had with the Lands Commission members together with the Lands Minister to know their constraints and adviced them to come with a budget that would be supported. He maintained that the commssion is not adequately funded which is seriously affecting its operational mandate.

“This has made it very difficult for them to be heard, felt and seen in the length and breadth of the country,” he asserted.

He called on the honourable members to reflect thoroughly on the budget allocation of the Lands Commission in the 2021 Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure of The Republic of The Gambia.

Meanwhile, the Foni Kansala NAM has also highlighted the need to allocate development budget for the Local Councils which is a constitutional provision.


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