October 23, 2021

“One Has No Moral Authority To Criticise Anybody Unless You Look At Yourself”

The Secretary General of PDOIS and National Assembly Member for Serrekunda, Honourable Halifa Sallah has condemned the action of the National Assembly that allocated D54 Million loan scheme to members by slashing from other institutions.

The nominated member Yakumba Jaiteh has on Thursday, proposed a D54 Million Dalasi loan scheme that NAMs could access to help them build their houses. Several NAMs have agreed to the proposal of their colleague but others rejected it.

Honourable Halifa Sallah came with a motion for the National Assembly to reject the loan scheme becauae it is not in line with Constitution, Public Finance Act and Standing Orders amongst others.

“One has no moral authority to criticise anybody unless you look at yourself, and then do the very opposite that person is doing,” Hon Halifa Sallah warned the National Assembly Members.

He added: “We know in our language if you failed to do that, what it means.”

The veteran politician described the so-called loan scheme as a test for the lawmakers, adding that it would increase the suffering of the people.

“If we accept this increase the suffering will increase and they will start quoting what you are receiving,” he said.

Hon Sallah told members that he is serving his last term as a member of the National Assembly because he does not want to return to the Assembly again. He warned the members who might want to return to the Assembly not to accept the so-called loan scheme.

“I will never be a National Assembly Member again after this term. I am not interested in being a National Assembly Member. I just want to at least leave a legacy of how a National Assembly should function but some of you want to be here again. I am emphasising that the way we are going to show this National Assembly is propo, is to understand you have to live to serve because you are representing them but let us understand a limit. Let’s put a limit and then move from there to help others to also advance,” Hon Sallah stressed.

The incident has triggered public outcry as Gambians took the social media platforms to expressed their dissatisfaction with the National Assembly. Many people have criticise the moved to be self-centre and greed on the part of the NAMs.

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