January 21, 2021

“Gambia’s Education Is In Serious Crisis” Says BB Darboe

The Leader of Gambia For All GFA Party and former Vice President of The Gambia, Bakary Bunja Darboe alias BB has decried the poor quality education that is failing the demand of the employment market in The Gambia for decades.

BB Darboe was a former Vice President under the late President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara from 1982 to 1992. He has broken away from the PPP to form his own political party taking along with him some of the old guards of the former blue party.

Speaking to This Week In Politics with Esau Williams on his party’s governing ideology, philosophy and how to improve the lives of the average Gambians, the former Vice President spoke about the restructuring of the economy, investing in agriculture and education amongst others. He argued that education is a number one priority for his party, which has been politicised from the Primary schools to the University for the past 22 years of misrule.

“Gambia’s education is in crisis. The education system has to be looked at particularly from the point of curriculum,” said Bakary Bunja Darboe, Leader of GFA.

“There is no doubt the poor quality education and the curriculum that have been taught also added to the employability of Gambians,” he said.

The GFA Leader further stated that the employment market in The Gambia is not prepared for the poor quality education and the curriculum taught in the country’s educational sector for the past two and a half decade of misrule. He argued that many Gambians are not lazy but they are not simply trained in skills that are demand for the the employment market.

“Almost all the little active sectors going on construction and tourism, there is unhealthy domination of non-Gambians in those sectors, it is likely because the Gambians did not measure in terms of their training and I don’t believe that they don’t want to do it. I think quite often, they don’t have the skills, that comes back to our education system,” he asserted.

BB Darboe also expressed his disappointment at the National Assembly throwing out the Constitutional Promulgation Bill which was a central focus on the reform agendas of Coalition 2016 that brought President Barrow to office.

The GFA Leader said the rejection of the Bill is very unfortunate as the country needs a new governance framework after emerging from two and half decade of misrule.

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