January 21, 2021

GFA Leader Tasks Gov’t To Revamp The Economy

Honourable Bakary Bunja Darboe alias BB Darboe, the Leader of the opposition Gambia For All GFA  Party has said the Gambia is a broken down country with an economy that failed to meet the expectation of the population.

The now opposition leader who was one time the Gambia’s Vice President in the first republic, suggested the need for a complete revamping of the state starting with a new Constitution. He argued that a huge area of the economy need real revamping considering the country’s produce and distribution should meet the essential needs and well-being of the people.

“The whole reason why the Gambia For All GFA has come up, is our awareness that we have found ourselves in a situation where we have a broken down country as it were a country in which the society is terribly polarised, the state as an institution has become dysfunctional to a large extend and the economy has failed to meet the expectation of the population,” GFA Leader stated.

BB Darboe has outlined a number of structural problems facing the country’s economy, stating that the Gambia itself is largely under resource. He calls for tough laws to stop corruption in the government and asset declaration of senior officials in taking and leaving office.

“I will not personally lock anybody but the law will lock you, if you are caught,” he said.

The GFA  Leader further called for a critical look at the country’s economic situation, particularly Agriculture not only in terms of what it can contribute to the earnings but the potentials it offer for employment opportunities. He advised the Barrow Government to cut heavy spending on the wages of embassies outside the country to invest in the productive base of the economy.

“The government investment should go to agriculture, it should go to fisheries and some of the productive sectors which have been starving for investment for the past twenty or more years,” he remarked.

BB Darboe said his party’s economic policy is to optimise agriculture being aware of the considerable resources and potentials that have not been fully utilised like the River Gambia to do irrigation agriculture.

“We will push agro-industry that will add value to the agricultural production. The key to this is to increase investment.”

Meanwhile, the veteran politician has tasked the Gambia Government to invest in the productive base of the economy.

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