September 21, 2021

“I Am Never Afraid Of Authority”–Says Minister Sonko

The Minister of Interior, Mr Yankuba Sonko, said he would defy the former President Yahya Jammeh’s orders while serving as Inspector General of Police.

Sonko who appeared before the Truth Commission on Tuesday, said God would always protect those who intend to correct the bad things.

“I am never afraid of authority but will give you the utmost respect,” said Yankuba Sonko, Minister of Interior.

“I have the belief that if you do the right thing God will protect you,” he remarked.

The former IGP has cited the case of dozens of police officers who were wrongfully dismissed by the former President which he took upon himself to reinstate them into the police force without informing him.

Sonko recalled members of his family telling him to go into exile after receiving strange phone calls from State Guard Commander General Saul Badjie and Ousman Sonko, former Interior Minister but he had refused to leave. He said he could not leave his family to become a destitute in exile.

“It is a matter of choice to serve or not to serve. When you serve you will face the consequences but if you refused to serve, perhaps, the worse could happen to you,” Minister Sonko noted.

He also admitted that some public servants would break the law to satisfy  the wishes of Yaya jammeh who was ruling the country with impunity.




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