October 23, 2021

Kaba Bajo Confesses To Gov’t Cover-up

The former interior Minister and now President of The Gambia Football Federation GFF, Lamin Kaba Bajo, has confessed to the cover-up of the Jammeh Regime in the killing of more than 50 West African migrants in The Gambia in July, 2005.

Speaking to the TRRC on Thursday, the military cum politician said the letter sent to the former Ghanaian Foreign Minister who is currently the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, regarding the death of Ghanaians in the Gambia was completely false. He said he came to know the facts from the Commission.

“I agree one hundred percent the letter was false,” Kaba Bajo said.

Lead Counsel Faal: “You agree that the letter you sent to the Ghanaian Foreign Minister was a cock and bull story.”

“Yes I agree but I was misled,” Bajo responded.

The letter sent to the Ghanaian Foreign Minister stated that the West African migrants had fell trapped to human traffickers who took money from them with the promise of taking them to Europe, noting the group was cautioned by the authorities and were released.

Bajo who was the Interior Minister at the time said the letter sent to his Ghanaian counterpart was based on the information given to his Ministry.

“Who gave you this information,” Lead Counsel Faal asked.

Bajo replied: “I wouldn’t know but it came through the Permanent Secretary.”

“The letter was not written in isolation,” Faal fired back. He argued that some of the statements in the letter were produced from a “report” written by the so-called panel of Investigators.

Faal then quoted Mr Bajo in his letter to the Ghanaian Foreign Minister as follows:

“Why my brother Gambians would be so hostile to kill Ghanaians in The Gambia.”

“This was a rhetorical question that you asked the former Ghanaian Foreign Minister and now President of Ghana. What would you tell the Ghanaian President now?”

Bajo who expressed remorse said he was misled and disappointed by the act of his own government.

“I would sincerely apologise to him,” he said.

When asked whether the former President Yahya Jammeh had caused the death of these migrants which he answered in the affirmative. He expressed the willingness to revealed the government cover-up.

The former junta member said there cannot be any cover-up of this nature without the knowledge of the former President Yahya Jammeh.

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