Sonko who was speaking at a press conference on Tuesday at Dakar, revealed his intention to involve the country’s religious leaders to mediate between the political actors.

“It is no longer acceptable for anyone in Senegal to stand before the people, and think, for a fraction of a second, that they will be allowed to serve a third term,” Ousmane Sonko told the press.

He added: “It is out of the question, and the day someone wants to do so, we will remove him from the presidential palace.”

The Pastef leader has commended the Senegalese people for standing up against President Sall’s political manoeuvres. He has become a thorn in the flesh of President Sall since his arrest in February, 2020.

“We must understand that this movement is not only linked to the Ousmane Sonko case but it is the accumulation of a set of frustrations, refusal and rejection of Macky Sall’s methods,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sonko’s supporters have said they would take to the streets again if their demands are not meet by the Senegalese authorities.