September 21, 2021

Gambian Lawyer Urges Gov’t To Implement TRRC Recommendations

A renown private legal practitioner, Ms Neneh MC Cham, has urged The Government of The Gambia to implement the recommendations of the country’s Truth Commission.

Testifying before the TRRC on Tuesday, the former President of the Female Lawyers Association of The Gambia FLAG said the Commission is the last hope of ex-President Jammeh’s victims.

“It is the last hope of the victims,” said Ms Neneh Cham, former President of FLAG.

She added “Their fear is that their cases will not go any further.”

The human rights lawyer said the victims rely on the Commission for justice to be served, calling for a nation building process that starts with the collective effort of the Gambian people.

“We need to keep each other’s back. We have been divided. I am ashamed to say some people were happy for what happened to others,” she remarked.

The outspoken lawyer has advised people to condemn wrong doings regardless of who is involved whether the person is a family member or the same tribe or region etc. She warned that whatever happens to someone could happen to you in the future.

“We need to build strong institutions,” she said.


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